Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What is World Wide Wookiee Life Day?

The first annual World Wide Wookiee Life Day is scheduled for this November 17, the 31st anniversary of The Star Wars Holiday Special. I'm doing a special screening of The Holiday Special at my favorite local cantina, but everyone is encouraged do the same wherever they are. What is really going to make this a great event are Snuggies! Yes, you may have noticed the Wookiees in the holiday special wearing their red Snuggies for life day. Well finally Earth technology is at the point where we are able to successfully replicate this Wookiee technology. I can't think of a better way to officially kick off the holiday season by gathering with some friends, having a few drinks, and wearing red blankets with sleeves to "celebrate a day of peace, a day of harmony. "

So in brief:

World Wide Wookiee Life Day - November 17
1) Watch the Star Wars Holiday Special with friends
2) Wear Red Snuggies
3) Take pictures and submit them to fetts1138@gmail.com or the sites below:

WWWLD twitter

WWWLD tumblr

Facebook fan page

Facebook event page

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