Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lucasfilm's Steve Sansweet Hearts Wookiee Life Day!

Steve's Pick of the Week on facebook is this wonderful high-resolution pic from The Star Wars Holiday Special. He included the following words:

"Happy Life Day…maybe! While I’ve always considered the holiday that originated in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special to be an analog of the real world’s Christmas, some fans in Spokane, Washington, make a case that the proper date should be November 17. That was the date in 1978 that the Holiday Special hit the CBS airwaves for its first and only time. The fans said they celebrated what they call “Wookiee Life Day” at a bar last year while watching a bootleg version of the Holiday Special, and urged fans around the world to do likewise next Wednesday. Of course, they’re also clamoring for an “official” DVD release of the Holiday Special. You lost me on that one, guys. The photo is one of the publicity images released for the show, showing Chewbacca in his Life Day robes."

Thanks for having a good sense of humor, and not serving us a cease and desist! Steve recognizes that Wookiee Life Day (a non-profit / not-real organization) is all in good fun, and meant to spread the good word of Star Wars. 

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