Monday, November 16, 2015

Wookiee Life Day 2015 Gift Guide - Party Supplies

Wookiee Life Day Gift Guide - Party Supplies

November 17th, 2015 is Wookiee Life Day and marks the 37th Anniversary of when The Star Wars Holiday Special originally aired. Many fans celebrate on this day, but it has also become customary to throw a Wookiee Life Day party at any time during the holiday season. Let this guide help you plan your festivities. 

All purchases from Amazon links benefit The Wookiee Fund.

Ceremonial Life Day Garb
The essential Wookiee Life Day celebration item. Any sort of blanket with sleeves or robe is acceptable.
So meta.
Awesome new mask from The Force Awakens. It roars when you open your mouth!
Because why not?
For when you barely try.

Party Gear
Perfect for adult and non-adult beverages.
A great option for replicating the ceremonial Wookiee Life Day orb and just cool lighting.
Display your Wookiee Life day pride for the whole neighborhood to seein your front yard, or keep it inside to ensure it stays mint!
Because every Star Wars themed celebration needs to have blue milk. 

One of the few pieces of official Star Wars Holiday Special merchandise from 1978. 
It's finally getting a limited reissue on November 27th and it's only on Amazon!

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